Love Songs, Poor

I will admit, with only a little embarrassment, to being an Alanis Morissette fan. And for whatever reason, I really like Head over Feet.

I would like to propose that, while the song is fairly good, it is possibly the worst love song ever. Here are some lines from the song that I hope are not the nicest things someone could find to say about me:

  • I had no choice but to hear you.
  • You ask how my day was.
  • Your love is thick.
  • You’re so much braver than I gave you credit for.
  • You are the bearer of unconditional things.
  • You held your breath, and the door, for me.
  • Thanks for your patience.
  • You’re the best listener that I’ve ever met.
  • I’ve never felt this healthy before.
  • I am aware now.

Okay, so I’m pretty sure Ava Adore takes the cake for worst lyrics for a love song. But Head over Feet is a close second, if you ask me.