Murray G2250030 Snowblower Parts

A neighbor gave me an old snowblower she didn’t need, a green 22″ Murray 5HP model. A label on the back identifies it as model number G2250030. I’ve been trying to fix it up and get it running on the side, but it’s been a bit of a challenge. I cannot for the life of me find a manual. at least has some parts diagrams. From there and some Amazon exploration, I’ve found some replacement parts. Note that I’ve just now ordered these; I’ll come back and update this to reflect whether the parts are correct or not.

Shear Pins

As best as I can tell, these are identified as part 9524, “Screw, 1/4-20×1.75” and part 3943, “spacer, sleeve” in the auger housing assembly parts diagram.

I think these are what you want.

This eBay listing suggests that parts 1501216 (and 1501216MA), 9524MA, and 3943MA are equivalent, and that Craftsman used the 9524 part number as well.

Whatever you buy, make sure you get the spacer. Some reviews on other parts (not linked here) indicate that people cannot find the spacer individually.


I plan to replace both drive belts while I have the thing apart.

The drive belt (turns the wheels) is part 579932, described as “Belt V 3L 33.13LG”. I have this in my Amazon cart right now. (Note that the “MA” prefix is often added to Murray part numbers, so it’s also known as 579932MA.)

The auger drive belt is 581264, described as “Belt, V 4L 35.23LG”. I have this on order.

Auger throttle cable

The cable to engage the augers is the faulty part I’m actually trying to replace. It’s part 340373, “Cable, auger.” It appears that this part number has been replaced by 761400MA, which is also apparently equivalent to 760150, 761153. See this part, which is running about $38.

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