What is repmgr on a Mac?

I now have an IT-managed Mac at work, which means that I had to cede a little control and allow weird stuff I don’t understand to run on it.

I was disturbed today to find a root-owned process, repmgr, using a bunch of CPU. Some quick Googling suggests that repmgr is for Postgres replication, which is problematic because I don’t use Postgres and don’t have it installed.

It turns out that there’s another, unrelated repmgr, though! /Applications/Confer.app/Contents/MacOS/repmgr is the path to the running executable for me. repmgr is also the name of a component of Confer / Carbon Black, some sort of enterprise security software for Macs. I haven’t had the chance to figure out exactly what it does, but based on some of the strings in it, I suspect it’s short for “Reputation Manager.”

2 thoughts on “What is repmgr on a Mac?

  1. Be careful with major upgrades while Carbon Black is running.
    I’ve seen it not survive major OS upgrades a few times and tank the OS boot process. Yay kernel extensions…

    • Yeesh! Our IT department has actually shared the same recommendation, though. I’ve applied the minor version updates, but haven’t updated to the latest major release just yet.

      I still think that the line between malware and anti-virus software is oddly blurred. Chaotic Evil vs. Chaotic Neutral claiming to be Chaotic Good.

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