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The Campaign Trail 3

While the nation waits for the next step in the Presidential election, an entirely different campaign is coming to close. Of arguable significance, the Pats kept their season alive with a — becoming routine — win over the Jaguars last weekend, and will face the San Diego Chargers this weekend.

Can you tell who we’re voting for?

(In other news, I almost attended an Obama… rally, I guess? Unfortunately, it was after work so I didn’t get there quite as early as I must’ve needed to. I couldn’t find a parking spot, and the line was winding through the parking lot. I gave up.)

Knowledge Acquired 0

Things about that New England Patriots that I didn’t know, but learned today:

  • They’ve scored in every first quarter this season
  • Their defense is 4th in the league; their offense, 1st
  • They’ve only punted only 7 times this season, with only two being returned
  • Defensive linebacker Mike Vrable has 10 offensive receptions in his career, all for touchdowns

It looks to be a very good year for New England sports, what with the Sox in the series, the Pats well into an 8-0 season, and the Bruins turning a respectable 6-4 start. Now my only problem is catching those games on TV.