Less is More

Canon just announced the G11, the latest in the G lineup of compact cameras that give you SLR-ish control and deliver great image quality. What immediately jumped out at me was that for the first time in the series, Canon actually reduced the resolution (10MP in the G11 compared to 14MP in the G10).

It’s no secret that higher resolution doesn’t necessarily mean a better picture, and I’d say this is undeniable proof that Canon is really shooting for the best image quality possible in the compact G cameras, regardless of how it might read on paper. Just makes me want one all the more.

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  1. Matt on August 20th, 2009

    I saw the same thing, and was equally as impressed with the move.

    But what disappointed me was that it seems like an all-around unremarkable camera. It’s hardly junk, but for the price, you can get much more in terms of features, etc. And if you’re paying that much more for image quality or low noise, why wouldn’t you just get a digital SLR?

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