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men != women 1

Every now and then, I run across something that reminds me just how differently men and women tend to think.

Mindy: please can I buy the bomb bath thing????
Mindy: it explodes in the water
Mindy: and releases a bunch of skin softening stuff
Me: How big is the explosion?

Across an Instance 0

Here’s the quick PHP tip of the day: class methods can access the protected (of any shared ancestors) and private (of the same type) members of any instance, not only their own instance. That may sound confusing, but it’s really not so much.

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Unless You Bite Them 1

I once heard someone say, “Dogs are for wimps too scared to bite people themselves.” I tend to subscribe to that world view, although, deep down, it’s really just that I don’t like dog hair. On the other hand, dogs have nothing to do with my story.

I snack constantly. I cannot survive without snacking. Probably a year and a half ago now, I was sitting at work doing something with an SD card. On my desk I had a bag of Wheat Thins with a little trickle flowing out onto my desk from which I would snag a cracker and pop it into my mouth.

At some point, I put the memory card down.

Later I was blissfully coding away when I felt a hunger pain. I grabbed a cracker, I popped it in my mouth. I bit down. Maybe you can see where I’m going with this — what I’d just thrown to my expectant molars wasn’t a cracker, it was a little blue SD card.

And the moral of the story is simple: flash memory devices are durable… unless you bite them.

Design Renaissance 2

I think my kids broke my laptop. I guess that’s one of the risks associated with having children. I mean, I never really expected my possessions to remain unscathed. But this one hurt.

Anyways, in the absence of my “real” laptop, I’m currently writing this on an old Thinkpad 240 that I scrounged off eBay a while ago. It packs a whopping 300MHz Celeron, maxes out at 192MB of RAM, and has a not so bright 10″, 800×600 screen.

Last night I happened to browse over to my (unfinished) website, and, for the first time — probably ever — I was slightly glad that I’d designed it to work with a horizontal resolution of 800 pixels. (I think I was being slightly stubborn at the time.)

And that got me thinking.

As I ponder the purchase of an Asus EEE, the Everex Cloudbook (comes out on Friday!), a Nokia N810 — or just sticking with my N770 — and as a bunch of people have already jumped onto the retro-resolution bandwagon, will there be a renaissance towards designs that fit on small screens?