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MoGo the Renegades 0

Interestingly, MoGo‘s online commercial shows their Bluetooth mouse being used on an airplane… Isn’t that illegal or something?

Run ’em up! 1

This past Sunday (the 11th) was the Aviation Nation air-show at Nellis Air Force Base. According to my wife, I’d been looking forward to this year’s show ever since, well, last year’s. I was hoping to have a new camera and/or a teleconverter to spice up my photography a bit, but, unfortunately, that was not to be (and is a sad, sad tale for another time). Instead, I visited with my (now nearly 7 years old!.. recent photography conscripts don’t even know this thing existed) Canon D30 and (primarily) EF 200mm/2.8L (~320mm effective).
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