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Not long ago, Canon announced the newest offering in their Digital Rebel lineup, the Rebel XSi. Despite both being aimed at the consumer market, it’s predecessor, the Rebel XTi, has been extremely popular with the so-called “prosumers”, as it’s inherited much of its technology from Canon’s upper echelon of cameras without inheriting their prices.

Consequently, I was disappointed to discover that the XSi had forsaken CompactFlash — currently the de facto standard in all serious DSLRs — for the smaller (both in physical dimension and capacity), slower SD cards. Is there some hidden advantage to SD that Canon is privy to (did they really need the marginal amount of extra space to pack in LiveView?), or is Canon perhaps trying to steer the prosumer market towards their double-digit D line? Or maybe it’s a bid to lure the consumers already using SD cards in their point & shoot digitals into a camera with a heftier price tag.

Either way, I find it unfortunate — looks like the Rebel party may have ended for the prosumer.

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  1. Matt on April 17th, 2008

    Honestly, I’m waiting for CF to die. It looks to me like SD has become the standard for digital photography — and really, all things portable — so CF is just unnecessarily large and harder to get. (Not at all rare, but you’re less likely to find CF in a small store than SD.)

    Of course, SD cards do have some risks associated with them.

  2. Kevin on April 18th, 2008

    CF needs to DIE already.

    SDHC will become the defacto standard VERY SOON.

    I just got my XSi on Monday.

    It is like night and day between this and the XTi.

    So glad I waited! 🙂

  3. andrew on April 19th, 2008

    Huh, I wasn’t aware the XSi had started shipping yet…

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