Dunes of Death Valley

Dunes 4, originally uploaded by imarealgeek.

I said I’d go back to Rhyolite, and go back I did. This time we grabbed a hotel room in Beatty, NV, about 20 miles outside of the park (and just a few from Rhyolite). I hit Rhyolite for the sunrise (disappointing at best, due to the mountains surrounding the ghost town), and then headed out to the dunes. Afterwards, we made our way Southward through the park before heading home. Sometimes I really love living in the Southwest.

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  1. Matt on April 14th, 2008


    I have to say that Rhyolite sounds like a chemical that would be really bad for your health, not a city. Maybe the city produced a lot of Rhyolite, and that’s why it was abandoned?

    I love this one too!

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