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Living with Windows Mobile 2

With the recent iPhone price reductions, it’s been hard to resist throwing away my slightly irritating Windows Mobile-based T-Mobile Dash in favor of a shiny new iPhone. And Apple’s new smartphone has lots to love– like a lovely interface, BSD subsystem, x86 architecture, and hordes of developers writing nifty applications.

Thou shalt not covet: not as easy as you might think. But in spite of all the compelling reasons to break my piggy bank, I’ve decided to stand firm and be content with what I have. Well, content might be pushing it: I’ve also decided that Apple fan-boys shouldn’t be the only ones to get pretty screen-shots and devoted myself to changing it. Or some of it, at least — I can’t help with the hand models.

My first victim is the home screen for Windows Mobile, since that’s my primary interaction point with my phone. The default home screens are — well, let’s call them professional. (That’s a nice way of saying bland.) Luckily, the home screens are simply XML and graphics; easy to change.

Without further ado, here are screen shots of the original home-screen and my first stab at creating a prettier one. I still have some work to do, but I’m pleased with how it’s coming along.

(Screen-shots taken with Smart SS.)

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully be obtaining a copy of Visual Studio .NET, so I’ll be able to start making software modifications as well. And then I’ve started on some browser-based applications. Time to change the world!

Beneath the Sin 2

CNet has an interesting collection of photos detailing some of the drainage tunnels running beneath parts of Las Vegas. There’s also a book.

I almost want to go explore these, but the last part of the book title has me second guessing that. You know, the death part.

iPhone Price Reductions 7

Apple’s reduced the price on the 8GB iPhone by $200 — and decided to drop the 4GB model altogether. Until supplies are exhausted, the 4GB iPod is available at the Apple store for $299. I’m having a hard time coming up with a reason to get one. Except for that cancellation fee. And crippled bluetooth. And no SDK. Hmm…

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