The Nokia 770

Andrew posted about the Nokia 770 the other day.

By chance,  I stumbled across Maemo-apps today, and am suddenly even more impressed. It doesn’t do a lot my phone doesn’t, but it does have WiFi and what seems to be an awesome LCD. And it includes a PDF viewer. It might be superb for reading eBooks. Or playing Sudoko. Or diagnosing my car. (Does “being eaten by chipmunks” have an OBD-II code?)

Talk me out of it!

8 thoughts on “The Nokia 770

  1. It doesn’t do a lot my phone doesn’t

    How about running Python? Or using a full-size bluetooth keyboard (my WM6 phone won’t for some reason?)?

    Talk me out of it!

    I can’t and won’t. Every geek should own a Linux machine they can hold in one hand! 🙂

  2. Yes, I do. Somewhat of a mistake — as much as buying something off and intending to sell it on eBay, and then watching, petrified, as prices everywhere else drop through the floor, and then deciding to keep it can be called a mistake. The nice part about the 770 is that they’re really cheap right now — but the 800 is a little more powerful.

    I keep meaning to post about it.

  3. It’s pretty good. This latest hard drive hasn’t crashed yet, although it hasn’t been on any bumpy morning trains as of yet. I’m waiting on Intel and Lenovo to get their acts together so they can release video drivers that enable hardware T&L on the new Intel GMA X3100 graphics chips. Should make it much better for playing any sort of game on the machine.


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