Disk Space

Today I fired up Photoshop, and it barfed up an error about insufficient scratch space and closed. “That’s odd,” I though, having had a couple gig free the other day. I checked, and was at about 400 MB of free space.

About two minutes later, I was reminded of two things:

  • CCleaner is an absolute must-have for any Windows user.
  • Having 2GB of RAM results in really, really big core dumps when you bluescreen.

CCleaner fixed the problem in literally seconds, and I’m back up and running with a few gig of free space. Although I think I’ll still get a new hard drive and plunk Ubuntu Studio onto it, too. With Sunbird. And some nice themes. And Beryl/Compiz. And maybe Crossover, although it looks like Office 2007 doesn’t work in it.

2 thoughts on “Disk Space

  1. How crazy would I be, when I get the new drive, to slice it up into a bunch of partitions, including:

    – Linux (ext3 / ReiserFS?)
    – Windows (NTFS)
    – Music (FAT32)
    – Pictures (FAT32)
    – Misc. Documents (FAT32)

    Should I merge the last 3 into one big FAT32 partition? Is it crazy to have partitions for what could be done with folders?

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