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Top Six Must Visit US Cities

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

I was reading a list of The Top 50 Cities to See in Your Lifetime. I’ve made it to six of them. And that only because they count Rome and Vatican City separately. A lot of the cities on the list are just way out of reach for most people, especially Americans who can’t drive around Europe easily. So I started thinking about what US cities were on my must visit list. I’ve been to a few more US cities. I was shooting for five but since I couldn’t rule out both Chicago and San Francisco I have six. This is my list and may not agree with everyone (or even anyone) else but its my blog so here goes.

  1. New York City This should be obvious. The largest city in the US and home of Broadway, great museums, lots of sports teams, and food and people from around the world.
  2. Las Vegas This city is unique in the US. Reno and Atlantic City have some of the same things but not on the same scale. Plus there is some wonderful desert to visit outside of the city itself. Not everyone’s cup of tea by any stretch but visiting a place outside your comfort zone can be educational.
  3. Washington DC When I brought up DV on Facebook I had a number of negative comments about it. Still I find the city fascinating with his government offices and great museums. It’s the seat of government for the most powerful nation on earth and Americans, I think, should visit.
  4. San Antonio It wouldn’t be a good list without a great American western city. Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Austin may be larger and more visited but to my way of thinking San Antonio is the city to visit if you only visit one city in Texas. The Alamo and the Riverwalk are great attractions. The people and the food may be even better.
  5. San Francisco I thought about Los Angeles and San Diego which are both pretty nice places in their own right but San Francisco is probably the most special of California cities.
  6. Chicago The Second City has a lot that NYC has but with a different, more mid western flair.

The are many other great places to visit. Philadelphia and Boston for example. They would both make a top ten list. So would Seattle. And I’d round out a top ten list with … well I’ll have to think about that one.