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Sunday, December 6th, 2009

So I keep seeing pro-abortion people complain about clergy, especially but not exclusively Catholic priests, trying to influence laws and lawmakers in the battle against abortion. But here is the thing. These same people seem to always support clergy involved in civil rights changes to the laws. These same people support Martin Luther King day for example. There was a prime example of a cleric moving beyond his church and trying to influence lawmakers, change the law, and be a political activist. And yet the same people who say that clerics should be punished for political activism against abortion support all the honors and accolades that MLK gets.

Does that constitute hypocrisy? Of course it does. No reasonable person could disagree. But the way these people seem to see it clergy should fight with them and that’s ok and their obligation. On the other hand clergy taking opposing views (to these people) is wrong and a violation of some kind of  the separation of church and state. Complete hypocrisy.

If you want to complain about clergy trying to influence abortion laws go ahead. It’s free speech. But unless you also complain about the “medaling” of MLF, Jesse Jackson and all the clergy who fought slavery before the Civil War you are a hypocrite and I reserve the right to think far less of your integrity and honesty.

None of my business

Friday, December 4th, 2009

So apparently Tiger Woods may or may not have been cheating on his wife. How in the world is that my business? How is it your business? Is it interesting? I suppose so in a sort of train wreck sort of way. But not everything that is interesting is any body else’s business.

Angelina and Brad may or may not be having family troubles. Likewise Tom and Katie according to differing tabloids. How is that my business?

Right to know or right to privacy? When in doubt I lean towards privacy. The news media is probably the most hypocritical society in the world. According to them you have a right to know everything. Well except you have no right to know their sources. Or how they work things internally. Or their private affairs.They protect their own usually.

But getting back to Tiger, Brad and Tom. Sure they are public people with a very public job. That gives me a right (probably) to know what golf tournaments they play in, what movies they star in, and what public appearances they are making. It doesn’t give me any rights into their bedrooms.

I wish the media would let people have private lives. I can’t imagine but that a lot of this tabloid media so-called journalism is really more about making news (or making up news) than reporting news. The added stress caused by speculative and imaginative “reporting” probably kills as many relationships as any other outside influence.

And it benefits no one but the media who makes money selling sensationalism. There is little doubt in my mind that much of it is harmful to the reader as well as to the victims of the “reporting.” It shatters illusions, encourages others to emulate bad behavior, and encourages people to try to take advantage of others for fame and attention. Bah!