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Why Days Off Are Bad

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

So I took a personal day off yesterday. I’ve been traveling a lot lately and that has meant some Saturday and Sunday work and/or travel days. So I felt like I needed a little more “me time.”

I had a good day. I went out for the day with my son who was on vacation and we drove to Connecticut (Foxwoods casino) and played poker. Had some pizza before coming home and basically had a great day. I was away from home, from the Internet, from work and from just about all the stress in my life. Felt good.

So what is bad? I really don’t want to work today. I don’t want to read my email. I don’t want to call into meetings. I don’t want to do anything that has any stress involved. Sigh. It will take me a day to get back up to full speed.

You know the old saying “I really don’t need this job?” Well I need the salary. Don’t get me wrong, I have the best job I’ve ever had and most of the time I really love it. But even the best job is hard to beat a day off. 🙂