Smart Doors

I’ve been thinking about what I want in a smart door. I want it to recognize me (and others authorized to enter the house) and that we want to come it. I want it to unlock itself at a minimum. If my arms are full I want it to recognize that and open for me. I also want it to hear and respond to command like “lock”, “Open”, and “Close.”

When I leave I want it to automatically close and lock unless I tell it otherwise. If I am home I want the door to recognize people I know and let me know who is at the door. If I don’t know them they should tell me at least something about who is there like how many people and gender.

If I am not there I want the door to take a message from and pictures of visitors and at least give me some images of them if there is no message.

I believe that the technology to do this exists already. I wonder if someone it working on it as a research project.

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