Deal Roundup

My post this week will probably reflect a clear bias towards good deals on LCDs, since I’m itching to pick up another one. There are some other good ones in here, too, though:

  • Dell S2409W 24″ LCD, 1920×1080, for $199. (via FatWallet)
  • HP W2338H 23.3″ LCD, 1920×1080, $220 minus $50 = $170 after coupon, at Staples. (via FatWallet with coupon code)
  • Acer Aspire One netbook, $299.99 but there’s a $75 off coupon for purchases over $300. 1GB RAM, 160GB disk, 8.9″ LCD at 1024×600, WiFi, webcam, WinXP. Need to spend a penny more to get the deal. (via FatWallet) Possible free printer with purchase, too?
  • White Asus EEE, refurbished, 1.6 GHz Atom, 4GB SSD, 1GB RAM, 8.9″ LCD, Linux – $169.99.
  • Dell S2009W 20″ LCD, for someone looking for a more modest monitor, $109. 1600×900 (via FatWallet)
  • 6GB RAM + 5-disk hot-swappable SATA RAID enclosure, a bizarre combo, but only $220, a huge discount, at NewEgg. (via FatWallet)
  • Samsung 2343BWX 23″ LCD with ridiculous document.write(neg_specification_newline(‘2048 x 1152’));2048 x 1152 resolution, $220 at NewEgg.
  • Acer X223Wbd, 22″ 1680×1050 LCD, $150 at NewEgg.
  • Acer H213H bmid, 21.5″ 1920×1080 LCD, $180 at NewEgg.
  • WD 1TB SATA “Green” disk (internal), $90 at NewEgg.
  • Choice of one of two 1TB external disks, $99.99 at NewEgg.
  • 1.5TB Barracuda, $130 at NewEgg, but beware the comments of it not working well in arrays.

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