Kingston (who I never knew made CF cards) has a 4GB CompactFlash card for $24 at NewEgg. At 8MB writes and 10MB reads, it’s hardly blazing, but if you don’t do any high-volume activity, it’s not a bad deal.

Actually, if you’re not looking for speed or name brands…

They seem better-suited for a ultra-low-power PC than a camera, of course: no one needs a 32GB CF card, and the type of people that would ‘need’ one are the type of people that couldn’t put up with anything but the highest throughput available.

2 thoughts on “Deal

  1. ?!?!?!?!??!?!

    As if the rack of XServes, and *6* high-end SLRs (easily like $30k+ of cameras?) wasn’t enough…

    24, 45, and 90mm T/S lenses? You kind of think, “C’mon, no one who knows what they’re doing would bring THOSE to the Olympics.” But then you look at his gallery and realize that he’s the best photographer in the world?

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