Disk Throughput

I think I’ve alluded earlier to the fact that I’ve been trying to speed up some systems at home, and how some of them are really slow. (I’m starting to suspect Norton, actually, but more on that when I find out more.)

I just came across this spiffy application, which will write and then read a test file to measure disk performance. My laptop gets 27.1 MB/sec. (sequential) write, 41 MB/sec. sequential read, and 29.9 MB/sec. random reads. This was on a 1GB file; it wanted to do a ~4 GB file, but I really didn’t feel like spending the time. I suspect the goal is to make sure that it’s not being “fooled” by caching, but I figured 1GB was sufficient for that. Some of the results show read speeds of 600+ MB/sec., which is most definitely coming from cache. (That said, this is a more “real-life” test… Just don’t think you have a hard drive that does 800MB/sec. reads!)

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