Will you do my homework?

I have a homework assignment to interview three people (with jobs) and ask them the three skills necessary to succeed at their job.

If you have a job, and think you’re able to perform it, would you be so kind as to answer? (And mention your position?)


4 thoughts on “Will you do my homework?

  1. I just had my mid-year review and it seems like my boss and I agree that I’m pretty good at it. 🙂

    My title is Academic Relations Manager. The top skill I need is communications. I have to be able to speak well in public to both large groups and small groups.

    Secondly I need a good big of technical skill in computer science topics. I spend a lot of my time helping people understand new products and tools involved in programming and software development.

    Thirdly I need good problem solving skills. I spend time trouble shooting problems with company internal processing systems, programming problems (helping teachers mostly) and people/personality issues.

    Feel free it ask follow up questions via personal email. 🙂

  2. Well, I need to know what skills are needed to be successful.

    I guess if you sucked at your job, but knew what skills you lacked that caused you to suck at your job, your input would be valuable too. 😉

    Thanks for the answers so far!

  3. Three great skills to have when you work in desktop support:

    1) Be detail-oriented. The root of the problem is often something very tiny! You’ll miss those important details if you’re not paying attention.

    2) Be able to work well with all sorts of people. This include the awesome, kind ones that thank you for your help and the mean, nasty ones that treat you like garbage. If you can’t handle the bad ones, you probably shouldn’t be in a support position.

    3) Stay technically adept! Learn all you can about what technology you’re working with AND the latest & greatest stuff. Branch out! If you work with servers all day, keep up with phones, laptops, and other mobile tech too.

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