Thick & Thin

Kyle has an awesome 22″ LCD. His is probably 6″ thick in the back.

I have a 14.1″ laptop. My LCD is probably less than 1/2″ thin in the back.

Why is this? My first guess was the power supply. But I’ve seen a few LCDs where they’ve taken out the power supplies and put them on the floor. And frankly, you could fold up my whole laptop, glue the power brick onto the back, and it wouldn’t be any thicker than stand-alone LCDs.

Imagine if someone made a 22″ LCD that was 1/2″ thick. Ceteris paribus, I’d buy one.

I suppose one “disadvantage” is that I could probably, if I tried, grip my LCD at each corner, flex with all my might, and ruin the LCD. If I tried that on Kyle’s (don’t worry, I won’t!), I doubt I could. It’s inside a huge frame. But I don’t buy that this is a reason to not provide it.

Steve, I’m counting on you.

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