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  1. I’m not sure about VMS, but there are quite a few Alphas on eBay…

    This one is actually a really powerful system, but you’ll need your own HDD + OS.

    For some reason the DS10s are popular. That one’s $350, and it apparently has an IDE drive, so for like $100 you could plunk a 500GB drive in there.

    These are an order of magnitude cheaper, as a lot of 30. Mind the descriptions, though, as some have no RAM, some have no disk, neither have both, but some have neither. Still, piece it together and you’ll have several neat machines.

    So it looks like the hard part won’t be finding an Alpha, it’ll be finding VMS.

  2. Huh, lots of old Sun giants

    E4500, 12x 400 MHz + 8GB RAM, $1050.

    Similar, but only 8 processors, much smaller size… $350. Something tells me than an 8-way SPARC, even at 400 MHz, with 8GB RAM, is still a pretty decent system.

    One of the pricier guys, but an E6500, 28x 400 MHz processors, 28GB RAM, for $4,000.

    And it turns out there’s another E10K, but with only 12 processors and 12 GB, for $2K.

    And finally, $1000 buys an E4500 with 14x 400 MHz SPARCS + 14 GB RAM.

  3. Finding VMS would not be a problem for me. I am still in touch with people who used to develop that OS and several of them still work with it for a living. 🙂

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