It’s Boring

I’m reading a book called Presentation Zen. It is highly regarded, well-reviewed, and recommended by lots of people. So far it’s boring. Now to be fair I am only about 30 pages in to it. But I’m having trouble continuing. Now last night I read a novel of about 360 pages in just over 4 hours so it’s not like I have a reading attention span problem. It’s just that I want more from a book.
I have no doubt that the author gives a great presentation. I really don’t doubt that I can learn a lot from the book. But I wonder if I could learn more faster from listening to the author give a talk on the subject. Just because someone is good at doing something doesn’t mean they are good at writing about it. Different skills are involved. A book is not just a talk written down. There is a different art to telling a story in written form from spoken.
Oh well. I’m going to read the book – its really for work – but I’ll do it is small chunks.
Speaking of books. A good book that is closely related to presentations that gives ideas that work for written work as well as spoken is Made To Stick. That one held my interest and I really learned a lot from it.

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