Hair Hats

This is just wierd. Click on the models to see a close up of the hair.
I think what bugs me are the looks on the model’s faces. They do not look happy. I’m pretty convinced that smiles make people look a lot more attractive. I suspect that one of the reasons models do not smile is because it might distract people from the hair (in this case) or the clothing. After all a pretty face is a lot more interesting than clothing.

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  1. Matt says:

    I never got fashion… I’d think that if I designed a new clothing line (or, uhh, hairdo?), I’d want the people wearing it to look like they enjoyed it. Most don’t. It’d be like having someone ‘model’ a cell phone while rolling their eyes at the person on the other end, or having someone looking really uncomfortable model the couches you were selling.

    Then again, sometimes smiling should be avoided, such as when it makes you look like a serial killer. But I think that if he’d tried to be serious, I’d have just cracked up laughing even more, since I’m pretty sure my grandmother had the same sweater.

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