Starch and Hangers

A couple of years ago I started taking my shirts to be professionally laundered. Mainly I was trying to avoid having to iron them myself. It gets more expensive every couple of months which is annoying. Still I hate to iron so I pay it.

The other thing is that I started having them use starch. It makes the shirts feel so crisp and clean that I really like it. They are not so stiff as to be uncomfortable but more they feel like shirts right out of the store. They also feel clean longer. At the end of the day they are usually still sharp and crisp looking. It makes me feel more professional. It’s one less thing I need to think about.

I started taking my pants in recently. Not my jeans of course but my khakis and other pants that I wear to work events. Not quite as crisp as starched shirts but still a better job than I can do myself. It’s a bit of luxury.

I’ve never been a real clothing person. I wear what the circumstances call for and I don’t get too hung up on who is wearing what. But I have decided that if a dress shirt is called for having it look as sharp as possible makes me feel good.

BTW if you are interviewing you may want to splurge on having a couple of dress shirts professionally cleaned and pressed. For me it is a confidence boost as much as anything else.

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  1. Matt says:

    I ironed and starched the crap out of some of my more casual button-down shirts last week, actually. I’ve become fond of just throwing one of them over a T-shirt to become slightly more presentable. They’d come OK out of the wash, but the collar, sleeves, and button areas were getting really bad.

    There’s definitely a certain pleasure in having nice, crisp clothing. Although for me, it’s kind of like cleaning my car: half the fun is in doing it! (Okay, sometimes. Other times, it’s just a bunch of work.)

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