I Use This: iTerm

I ran into some trouble with the Mac’s Terminal not supporting vim colors properly. It turns out that Terminal doesn’t have very good support for some things. Someone recommended I try iTerm, so I did. I wish I’d done it sooner. And it implements the feature I’ve craved for the longest time: blurring the background if you have a translucent terminal window:

There’s a little weirdness in that it doesn’t seem to update quite as fast as Terminal did, and that triple-clicking selects the line shown, not the whole line if it wraps. For the most part they’re petty differences. Overall, though, Terminal’s a thing of the past, and iTerm’s here to stay.

Update: I’d noticed that iTerm hadn’t been updated in a long time. Thanks to George for commenting below that he’s picked up development and rechristened the project iTerm 2. Even better!

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