2 thoughts on “Missing the Point

  1. While people are assuming that the motive behind this was late term abortions we don’t know that for a fact yet. If that was the reason I suspect that the person did a sort of “math” and decided that by killing one person he was saving many lives. They probably see it as similar to killing a concentration camp guard so that prisonors could get away. I’m not saying I agree with that math but I can understand it.

    Yes I know that “pro-choice” people (a term I find offensive BTW) would argue that abortions don’t kill people. I believe that many racists say the same thing about Jews and blacks and the like. I find both sorts of people confusing and have trouble understanding them. But there you go. Would you kill someone who was going around an lynching African-Americans if what they were doing was legal? Would you go around killing Naziis in WW II Germany?
    The issue is very simple if you only look at one side of it and dismiss the other side as irrational and/or evil. That is of course what most people do though. On both sides.

  2. I didn’t mean to suggest that the guy was a saint.

    To the pro-choice crowd, the issue with abortion isn’t that killing babies is okay, but more a question of when something becomes a human. People define that differently, but it’s one of those things where it’s one thing at 1 month in, but something entirely different in the 9th month. And this guy seems like he specialized in really late-term abortions, a point where most everyone can agree it’s morally wrong.

    The only point I was trying to make with this post was that the God I know wouldn’t look fondly on shooting someone in church, late-term abortionist or not.

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