There seems to be a lot of hype around chipotle, but I think a lot of it is just using it as a catchphrase. But chipotle is a very specific thing: a smoked jalapeño. They typically wait until the peppers are dark red, at which point they’re already somewhat dry inside. They’re then smoked until they’re completely dry, imparting a smoky flavor. Jalapenos can lose up to 90% of their weight while being smoked. The Wikipedia page has more information, and photos, but first, a warning: the photos of chipotles on Wikipedia are repulsive-looking.

There’s now a Chipotle Tabasco Sauce. I just made some nachos and sprinkled a bit of it on top with the salsa, for a great effect. (I’m still a big fan of their Green Pepper Sauce, too.)

Speaking of Tabasco, did you know that there’s a type of pepper known as the Tabasco pepper. It seems that they’re sold in a handful of places; here’s one.

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  1. I actually did know about tabasco peppers. Did you know that the family who owns tabasco sauce also owns one of the largest salt mines in the world? Avery Island is home to both businesses.

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