Updated Statistics

Now that Google Analytics has been running, I thought I’d post some updated statistics.

Firefox on Windows is the most popular browser/OS combination, with almost 43% of visits. IE on Windows comes in second at just shy of 22%. Firefox on Mac and Linux comes in third and fourth, respectively, with 14.6% and 9% each. Looking just as operating systems, Windows rakes in 67%, Mac 19%, and Linux 13%, with the remaining 1% being split between blank values and ‘iPhone’. There are two visits from Safari on Linux, which has me somewhat puzzled. Firefox on Linux is nearly seven times more popular than Google Chrome on Windows.

Traffic is broken down three ways: search engines, direct traffic, and referring sites. Search engines and direct traffic are split, each with 44%. The remaining 12% comes from a handful of sites, though I can’t match many of them up. A few are just trackback links. There’ve been a lot of search terms, but most were for a handful of things. My blog post on Firefox’s browser.history_expire_days.mirror and on disassembling a Thinkpad T60 get a lot of hits, as does Kyle’s Lenovo X200 review. There’ve been a total of 115 keywords as of today, but these are the ones that have gotten many hits. It seems like there’s quite a technical focus to results.

If anyone with a Google account wants access to the stats, let me know.

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