Another Week, Another Monitor Post

Great deals abound this week!

  • 19″ Acer (1440×900 — not great), $89.98 at Staples. If you go through FatWallet and another site I’ve never heard of, you can get a little more taken off, but it looks to involve buying a coupon.
  • 22″ Acer (X223Wbd, 1680×1050), $139.99 at Staples, online-only. Don’t think I’ve seen a deal that good in a while. It’s online-only, but with free shipping.
  • 21.5″ Acer (H213H, 1920×1080: full 1080p!), $169.99 with free shipping at NewEgg.
  • 22″ Hanns-G (HI-221DPB, 1680×1050), $139.99 with free shipping at NewEgg. Same price as the Acer at Staples, but maybe not as reputable a brand.

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