I never signed up for Obama’s text message notifications, but found out about 8am the morning he picked Biden when I checked my e-mail and some ‘pseudospam’ had been sent to me selling Obama-Biden buttons.

I just got a text message that Sarah Palin is McCain’s pick. If I’m not on Obama’s text message roster, I’m definitely not on McCain’s. But I have something better: way too many political junkies as friends.

Much as the text message from a fellow Democrat friend reads, “Crap! That was a good choice.” Her Wikipedia page talks about her whistle-blowing on corrupt Democrats, has a photo of her visiting a wounded soldier in the hospital, and talks about how she’s conservative on issues like same-sex marriage, but doesn’t hate gays. (Which might cost her points with some uber-conservatives, but is probably exactly how a lot of the center-right feels.)

I can’t help but think that it’s no accident a woman was picked, either, given that ~20% of Hillary supporters that claim they’re going for McCain over Obama. Whether they’ll be foolish enough to think, “She’s the wrong party, but she’s a woman and Biden isn’t,” we’re yet to see.

I’ve said before that I thought this race was going to come down to the moderates, and I’m worried that Sarah Palin might just top Biden. But I haven’t read enough about either of them.

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