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In the midst of all sorts of crazy stuff, and with Obama set to take the stage in 15 minutes to give what some have already called an historic speech, I thought I would take this moment to post something equally as important.

Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce

Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce

You’ve almost assuredly had Tabasco sauce before. The distinctive red glass bottle with the distressingly-hot sauce inside. I think it was Andrew that suggested that it went well on otherwise-boring pizza. The stuff is good for giving kick to bland food.

But in terms of heat, regular Tabasco sauce is like reaching your head into the oven to try to fish your food out. There’s really nothing enjoyable about it, except that it adds a little excitement to something that was otherwise a dull experience. If you’re out to get the most heat possible, you can do better, yet it’s not terribly remarkable for anything besides the heat. Sort of the William Hung of sauces, if you will: only noted for one thing, and not even the best [warning: Youtube = video] at it.

Tabasco’s Green Pepper Sauce, though, has a heat that’s more like relaxing by the fireplace on a cold winter night: quite warm, but thoroughly enjoyable for more than its heat. Not only does does it add spiciness, but it adds deliciousness. It’s the Chuck Norris of sauces: awesome at everything it tries.

Whether you’re a gourmet chef, or whether you’re a college student starving at 11pm and conclude that a “Meat Sandwich” is a superb idea, Green Pepper Sauce is exactly what your dish is missing. Also, you can buy it by the gallon (in a stylish jug!), though it’s apparently not available that way on Amazon right now.

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  1. Argh, new bug? The “Caption” formatting around the image gets dumped onto the page… (Because that’s how it’s stored in the database, and because the main page gets things out of the database and displays them, bypassing WordPress.)

    I should just look into using the existing WordPress libraries for ‘rendering’ the text on the main page, since they keep adding more and more processing to it.

  2. True-life Chuck Norris story.

    Coworker, just returned from an Alaskan cruise: And we even got to see Chuck Norris’ vacation home.

    Me: Wait… Was it a round house?

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