LayeredTech just announced a 50% increase in server pricing for me. Consequentially, I’m working today to get my virtual machine up and running, and then I’m going to move everything over there. This is an all-around upgrade, too: we’re moving to a closer data center (PA instead of TX) on a faster machine, and inside a shiny new virtual machine where everything will be set up right and where upgrading to a new version won’t require spending 20 minutes to update Portage and then even more time to compile everything.

I’ll keep you posted; I just got networking set up on the machine, next comes pulling down updates and basic configuration, and then all the packages!

2 thoughts on “Servers

  1. I’m jumping ship to Nocster.

    Not sure if these deals are still valid, but they still have them listed:

    We picked up the dual P4 / 2GB RAM / 250 GB disk special and have been using it to host a couple virtual servers, so I’m going to move my site to a virtual machine over there.

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