I Take the “Suck” out of “Internet”

Working title: “Using Crafty Google Searches to Turn in Spammers”

Like most Internet users, I get a lot of spam. GMail filters 99.99999999% of it correctly, but I periodically browse through the spam to make sure. One day I read one of them, and realized it linked to something.blogspot.com, a Blogger blog. As I’ve previously posted, you can report spam blogs to Blogger with a simple form.

So I then searched my spam for “blogspot” (in:spam blogspot) and went to the handful of URLs (stripping off any variables passed) to verify they were spam, and reported each.

But it gets better! I reported maybe 4 people that way. But I get a lot of spam with the subject “What a stupid face you have here $name,” where $name is the e-mail address they send it to. The body of the message just contains the word “Watch” with a link, which always takes you to a file called watch.exe on various servers (most likely hacked by a worm to host there?)… I’m not about to download it to see what it does, though, but I assume it’s no good.

So I was curious about it, so I Googled “what a stupid face you have here,” and realized that a lot of the results were spam. And, in fact, several were on Blogger. So I refined my search to site:blogspot.com "what a stupid face you have", and started clicking through to find them. A few are people posting about the mail, but most are splogs.

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