Weird Spam

I somehow came to read the “blog” of the Perl NOC one day–the network admins for the sites. They get some really amusing spam. And then there’s that category of things where you think it might be spam, but you’re not sure, like this one.

But anyway, today I was checking through my own mail that got filtered as spam, and got the following:

from	Selma Orr <>
date	Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 12:27 PM
subject	I hate you damm

Instant delivery worldwide. Certified by VISA and VeriSign.

They spam me, tell me they hate me, curse at me, and then expect me to buy whatever they’re selling? Also, why does “” get a lot of spam? That address never existed! (I should disclaim that this message wasn’t actually sent to, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten it. But I get rejected mail to showing up in the logfiles daily!)

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