6 thoughts on “Iowa Results

  1. The 33-32-32 split is looking like it’s going to stick. That’s pretty much how we went into the polls, too.

    The good news is that Obama’s on top, and Edwards is in second place. The bad news is that it’s so close that it hardly matters.

    CNN has already labeled Huckabee as the projected winner. I like him better than some of the other candidates, but can’t imagine him as a viable candidate in the general elections.

  2. 35-31-31 with Obama first and Hillary third. Hardly a “mandate,” but an encouraging start, for sure.

    Giuliani’s at 11% right now, which isn’t a good start. Huckabee has definitely done well, although current polls don’t look too favorable for him in New Hampshire.

  3. The big deal after Iowa is usually how people did against expectations. For Clinton to come in third is going to be a big problem for her even though it is close. For Giuliani coming in low it is not a huge deal because he didn’t try to hard there and the expectations were very low because of that. Huckabee doing better than expected many give him a big boost. It may not be a huge help in NH which tends to go its own way but it will help a lot on Super Duper Tuesday.

  4. Obama’s lead in percentage of the “votes” is up although the deligate count is closer than the percentages would suggest. I can see the second place finishers trying to play it as a three way tie. We’ll see if it sells.
    The Huckabee lead is currently 34% to Romney’s 25%. That’s gotta hurt for Romney.

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