In the most recent polls, Obama is leading narrowly in New Hampshire. And it’s practically a banal phrase at this point, but Iowa is a crapshoot: the “big three” (Edwards, Clinton, and Obama) are pretty much tied. Right now it looks like Edwards is leading, which people thought was unlikely. Thus I’m not too worried at the moment about Hillary’s triumphs in other places.

But for the first time in a while, I’m feeling really excited. This could actually happen!

I’m starting to get interested in the Republican primaries as well: they’re seeming pretty fragmented. Romney and Rudy both have big leads over each other in many states, but McCain and Huckabee are notable contenders in some states, too. (Somewhat humorously, at least to me, Romney has a pathetic 7% in Massachusetts, although the poll is ancient. Someone ought to do a new poll of Massachusetts voters.)

Plans are still up in the air but I may well end up volunteering over at the Obama headquarters later today. The nation is watching us, and I don’t want to sit by idly in the process. We can do this!

2 thoughts on “Ecstatic

  1. Futher analyzing the results, Giuliani is doing terribly in the latest Iowa poll (5%). He’s got a much better, but still bad, 14% in New Hampshire, where both McCain and Romney are beating him. Romney’s also leading in Iowa. So it looks like Romney may well lead, at least early in the primaries… It’ll be interesting to see how that stands up on Super Duper Tuesday.

    The Democrats are where the real competition is. I’m surprised at how well Edwards is doing, although I’d be pretty happy with him at the helm of our great nation too.

    I’m going in at 4 to do some phone banking to try to maintain Obama’s lead in New Hampshire, though.

    Oh, and a newer poll came out since I last posted about poll results. Obama leads handsomely in his home state of Illinois now.

  2. It’s been a long time since I was really excited about a candidate for anything. No one really gets me excited this year eather. But since you have found someone I think you are lucky and doing the right thing to work for him.

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