Benazir Bhutto

I confess to being ignorant enough to have not even heard of her, but Benazir Bhutto was a really interesting figure.

Now here’s an interesting video. You learn a few things. The first is that she speaks fluent English. The second is that she was widely aware of plots to kill her, and fingers a number of suspects in the video.

But the person who posted the video makes another interesting point. At one point she speaks of Osama’s son. Later on, she fingers a man “who killed Osama bin Laden,” an assertion which doesn’t seem to phase the interviewer.

The rumor’s existed for a while, but has generally just been peoples’ gut feelings and such. Now I’m intrigued.

One thought on “Benazir Bhutto

  1. Most leaders in Pakistan and India speak English. Both because of the English colony period and the fact that there are so many languages English is more of less the common language. Bhutto attended Harvard and Cambridge (the one in England :-)) where English would have been useful. 🙂

    I was around and interested in politics when she was Prime Minister earlier in her life so she was a familar figure to me. I was really glad that she had returned but knew that she was at risk. One the day she returned about 150 people were killed by a bomb that was targeted at her.

    It’s not yet clear (and may never be) who killed her. The current government had reason to fear her. The Islamic extreme had even more reason to fear her. And then there are others who hope to take over the government who are in neither of those camps would are likely to have more of a chance with her gone.

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