The other day I was feeling quite hungry and somewhat under the weather. So I headed to the convenience store on campus to grab a bite to eat and a drink. I learned that the “Amp” energy drinks are actually not that bad, although they’re ridiculously expensive. Sadly, my first thought when buying it was about strategic advantages in the energy drink industry. I think I’m spending too much time in classes.

And then I saw a microwaveable chicken chimichanga. How could you go wrong? I bought it and took it back to my room to eat as I watched Game 2 of the World Series.

Not until I unwrapped it did I notice three things wrong:

  • It lists “Chicken Leg Meat” on the front. This sounds pretty disgusting, but also, improbable: while I don’t spend a lot of time checking out chicken legs, they don’t look very meaty. Ordinarily, I would be so disgusted with the mental image of munching on chicken legs that I probably wouldn’t eat it. But I was starving.
  • Content with eating chicken legs, I turned it over to find the microwaving instructions. “Heat until hot” is the least helpful instruction ever. For those who may be finding this via Google in an attempt to microwave your chimi, 2 minutes is a good starting point. But remember, 30 second intervals.
  • “Best when thawed.” ??? Maybe they mean you should thaw it before microwaving it, but it kind of sounds like they’re suggesting that you not eat it while frozen.

Some photos:

img_1467.JPG img_1464.JPG img_1463.JPG

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