I went out to get some more shots today. I decided to try shooting in raw mode instead of JPEG. The images were 7 MB instead of 2 MB, but I have a lot more control afterwards. It’s much slower when you shoot in burst mode, though, so I switched back to JPEG.

Afterwards, though, I wondered if I could open it. It turns out that Ubuntu handles it natively. (I can’t say the same for Windows.) So I uploaded the files to Flickr, but it turns out that Flickr doesn’t display .crw files. So I had to export it with the GIMP.

In addition to letting you export to JPEG, it lets you export to ASCII. And an HTML table. So, for grins, I exported one of my six-megapixel pictures to an HTML table. It popped up a warning that it would almost certainly crash my browser. I did it anyway. Several minutes later, it finished writing to disk. It was a little shy of 300MB. It didn’t really crash Firefox per se, but I didn’t see anything but gray table cells. I’m not sure what went wrong, really, but I can forgive it for not accurately displaying a 300MB table.

Bentley Falcon

That’s a JPEG. Although that was a native JPEG, not one saved from a CRW.

3 thoughts on “The GIMP

  1. From the “vague, unfinished thoughts” department, the 55-200mm lens, as you may have inferred, is what I used. It’s somewhat slow (f/4-5.6), but it’s good enough for what I use it for. It’s one of their “DC” lenses, built just for cropped sensors, which is surely why it’s small/light/cheap. $150 bought me that and its partner, the 18-50mm f/3.5-5.6 lens.

    I took this photo myself, BTW. While standing, I held the camera, looked through the viewfinder, aligned the shot, and clicked the shutter release button. Some out there (e.g. weird guy) don’t do this. 😉

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