I saw some mention of as a good place to get prints. It seems that they’re a smaller business with some nice printers, as opposed to a giant corporation. And yet they’re cheaper than the competition. (And they don’t offer tacky crap like coffee mugs with your picture on them.)

I did a little Photoshopping to get my skyline photo to be an appropriate format (it’s a bit cropped, so I added some white space on the bottom with text). It came to about $20 shipped Priority Mail which is a steal for a 20×30″ image even before you include shipping. (Now I need to find a cheap 20×30″ frame!) Their little wizard suggested that 19×29″ (how ironic) was the upper edge of what would still look sharp, but I went for 20×30″ anyway. We’ll see. (Actually, it was a few experiments in one — I used an obscure font for the text, which looks great but may not reproduce well. It does show up in their preview fine, though, so I think I’m golden.)

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  1. Oh, my apologies for never posting a follow-up.

    I’ve been very pleased. I was apprehensive, especially about the size (20×30″ for a slightly-cropped version of a 6-megapixel image, shot through a dirty train window…). But it ended up looking awesome, and was shipped very promptly.

    To date it’s the only photo I’ve had printed big, but it was a great experience. I did find a few places that will do it cheaper (though I don’t think they did custom sizes, and I don’t even recall what the companies were). But this is the only print I’ve had done so far, and I’d recommend them quite highly!

    I put up two shots here for you. They’re really not a good reflection of it, as I had to shoot at ISO1600 , and the glass (err, plastic) picked up a lot of glare.

    I’d definitely recommend them!

  2. Thanks for the quick reply! It was nice to hear you had a good experience with them. I was having trouble finding recent reviews of them.

    We have some 22″ square frames at work that we want to get prints for and I have a pano that I want printed 36×12, and was having trouble finding someone that could do these. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

    Thanks again!

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