Storage Challenge

I think I mentioned that everyone in Ghana ended up copying their photos to my computer. Initially I said I’d post them online for everyone.  Then I said I’d just send out a CD, realizing how many there were. Over time I changed the offer to 2 CDs. And then a DVD.

Overall, I have a total of 4,820 photos. They take up 6.3 GB of disk space.

So the question is what to do… I have a few ideas, but I don’t really like any of them:

  • Resize the photos. Nautilus (the Ubuntu file manager) makes it as easy as right-clicking to resize photos. Dropping everything to 1600×1200 might be enough. This would be very CPU-intensive, though. One photo is quick, but 200 takes several minutes. I don’t want to know how long 4,820 would take.
  • Send two DVDs. The DVDs are on the school anyway, so this is kind of a good idea. It just seems absurd to send out two DVDs for 14 days of picture-taking. (Assuming, erroneously, that 6.3 GB is 6,300 MB, that’s an average of 344 photos and 450 MB a day.)
  • Weed out the junk photos. I know I have a lot. I’d just copy everything from the card to my computer, format the card in the camera, and go on shooting the next day. The problem is that this would be somewhat labor-intensive, and that I don’t think it’s my place to decide which of other peoples’ photos are junk.

The other reason I’m averse to burning 2 DVDs is that I want to try using Picasa’s “Gift CD” option so it’s not just a huge mess of folders with photos.

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