If I had more time right now, and was more familiar with how to parse EXIF data in shell scripts, I’d write a script that could parse a directory (or set of directories) and:

  • Weed out duplicates. (MD5 hashes would be fine.)
  • Adjust (based on manually-inputted corrections) timestamps on photos for a given camera. Mine was a day off. Someone else had the right date but set the year as 2008. This is just what a shell script is for, no?
  • Optionally, sort photos by:
    • Date (imagine 4,820 photos from about five people, being sorted into 14 folders, one for each day.)
    • Camera (indirectly, person)
  • Resize photos

Imagine if one command could transform these 4,820 photos into a set of 14 folders, one for each day, and resize them all to 1600×1200.

I come across needs like this often enough that I might just have to look into writing this…

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