Okay, this post is just for those who say that driver support in Linux sucks.

Windows detected that I’d put in a new wireless adapter, but couldn’t find drivers for it. I probably could have found them online, but that’s kind of a catch 22.

I booted the Ubuntu Live CD, and am now posting via the network card Windows didn’t have drivers for.

One thought on “Ubuntu

  1. BTW, I don’t mean to go on the offensive here, but I have to admit that I’m impressed with how easily I can copy files between the two computers. A quick sudo apt-get install ssh has me running an ssh server, allowing me to run a big scp between the two machines.

    I normally wouldn’t advocate having to use the command line for things, but really, the ability to just type two commands and then allow file sharing between the machines? Certain other OSs make things way more complicated, even if they seem like it’s a simple procedure.

    And I was also impressed to find the NTFS drive in the machine mounted as /media/disk, permitting this copy to happen.

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