Lately I remember a lot of my dreams. This is not really such a good thing. Not because the dreams are bad but because usually if you remember a dream it means you missed an important part of your sleep cycle. Happens a lot. But still it is interesting what your mind does with external stimulus when you are dreaming.

For example this morning every time my wife’s alarm went off my dream showed a software dialogue box to turn it off. This box seemed to work only because my wife was turning it off in real life. But it felt so real.

After that I had a long dream about a trip on a cruise ship. Nice ship but I kept forgetting the way to my (very nice and much bigger than I could afford in real life) state room.  I never used to dream about cruise ships but having taken a number of cruises over the last 5-6 years or so my mind apparently has enough data to work with.

The real bad part is that I don’t feel like I am as creative awake as when I dream. I just wish I could be. Now that would be cool.

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