Can I judge you by what you did when you were little?

Romney is in trouble for something he is said to have done when he was 18. But he doesn’t remember it or so he says. It has me wondering though how many of us did something when we were 18 that we really shouldn’t have done? And how many of us either don’t remember it or wish we didn’t? And how much have we changed since then? I am so different from the 18 year old me that it amazes me and I lived through it.

I hear talk that if I were to interview at Google I would be asked about my undergraduate GPA. Imagine people caring about something like that which happened before the Google founders  were even 2 years old. I wonder if I could judge them on what they were doing in 1975? Can you imagine “you couldn’t even read or count and still shat in diapers? And now you are a corporate exec?”

OK silly I know but we have so little appreciation for how people change over time. Now clearly if Mitt beat up a gay kid that was horrible and there is no excuse for it. But do bullies really remember the bad things they do as they grow older? I don’t know but I can imagine that as a person grows past certain adolescent indiscretions and attitudes that his memory of them might become dimmed.

Not that I am saying Mitt is a great guy or even that I am ready to vote for him. I’m still deciding. BTW why is no one asking Obama why he doesn’t go by Barry anymore and why he used to do so?

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