Conflicting World Cup Emotions

I don’t like soccer. I really don’t like it. It may be fine for little children too young to play organized sports but really by the time you are old enough to run without tripping a lot you should move past it. So of course all this attention on the World Cup drives me a bit crazy. But at the same time I can not bring myself to not root for an American team and we have a team in there this year. So on one level I am happy that they won a game and are going to the next level.

On the other hand the further they go the more attention there is on them and the more attention (of a positive sort) is placed on soccer. This is not, in my opinion, a good thing. Sigh – what is a patriotic American to do?

Oh and yes I know that soccer is probably the most popular game in the world and much more popular in other countries than in the US. It makes me feel very sorry for them.

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