The Problem With Changing URLs

So a few weeks ago my main blog (about teaching high school computer science) got a new URL. For people who subscribe to it using an RSS feed no problem. I updated Feedburner (I started using it before that advertising company bought it and haven’t seen a good substitute yet) and they should all be seeing it fine. Also my statistics on Feedburner seem to still be fine. Although for some reason they are reporting about a 50% increase in subscribers. Makes me wonder but higher is better right?

For people and search engines using old links also not much trouble. There is a lot of automatic forwarding going on and, I am told, it is being done in all the right ways. So access is not lost which is a relief.

Technorati on the other hard is a bit of a mess right now. I have added the new URL but it has very low authority so far. It was 1 (out of a possible 1000) today. The old URL is still showing up because I didn’t delete it yet. It peaked at 471 (in the top 6500 of their list) about a week or so ago but has been dropping precipitously ever since. I expect it to go to zero eventually and then I will delete it. But it is frustrating because i care way too much about such things.

I am more concerned about search engine traffic of course. But so far that seems not to be an issue. I am seeing the same amount of search engine generated traffic as before the move. I guess that is a testament to the people who handled the cross over and the people who manage that sort of thing at the various search engine sites. I haven’t checked my Google Page Rank though. Not sure I want to. I think I’ll wait a while for that.

In the mean time I’m going to try and avoid changing URLs when I have a choice.

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