But I repeat myself

One of the things I worry about is that I think the same thing a second time and write a new blog post about it. It happened again today. Fortunately since I used exactly the same blog title the blog site would not let me post it. You can’t have two posts with the same permalink. Saved by technology. So I added a note to the beginning and posted the second post in a different blog. I had to get things off my chest and in semi public. Semi because not a lot of people read my blogs especially the second one I posted at. And public because of course search engines bring people from everywhere to just about any thing. Doing that is part of the release the attraction the value of blogging for me.

In case you are interested the posts are In the land of the blind at my computer science teacher blog and In the land of the blind revisited at my Live Spaces blog. They are similar – same topic, some same examples – but a little different. Enough different for two posts in the same blog? I thought not but maybe it would have been ok. This blogging stuff can be hard. Especially since I have written a lot of blog posts by now. Sigh.

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  1. Matt says:

    I’ve done the same thing before, although constraints on permalinks wouldn’t save me unless I posted the same thing twice in one day.

    My problem with blogs is that I have 328 drafts. I start to write something, and either decide people wouldn’t care, or can’t figure out how to give it a good conclusion.

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