So I grew up without anchovies. I mean they just never came up. The only reason I knew they existed was because you’d hear someone on TV yell out that they didn’t want anchovies on their pizza. Where I grew up, when I was growing up, pizza was pretty much either plain on pepperoni so anchovies didn’t even come up in real life. So I was left with wondering what is is with anchovies?

Well about a year ago I was at a nice restaurant and ordered a Caesar Salad (which is not Italian food BTW It was invented in Mexico) and it came with anchovies on top. now I had had it with cheese and croutons before but this was a first. So of course being far from home (Canada – It’s like a different country 🙂 ) I tried it. Oh boy did I like them. So I found that I ordered them with salads a couple more times over the next year. Good stuff.

Then I made the big mistake. I bought some in the supermarket. Why is that a mistake? Well I have more trouble stopping eating them once I start than even potato chips. And all that salt can’t be good for you. I figure that it there was a fish version of bacon it would be anchovies.

So I’m going to try to control myself on the end of buying the tins. Maybe I’ll look for a recipe that calls for them so I can add them in small controlled doses. See what trying new foods can do to you? It expands your horizons.

3 Responses to “Anchovies”

  1. Matt says:

    It’s funny how Brussel sprouts and anchovies both have that reputation — to someone with no clue what they were, they’re just instinctively some sort of unwanted thing you need to explicitly opt out of.

    That said, I’m one of the least willing people on the planet to try new foods, so I think I’m going to continue living in my bubble assuming that anchovies are horribly disgusting. Don’t anchovies have eyes on them?

  2. Mr T says:

    No eyes on them The heads seem to be missing which is probably a good thing. Maybe sardines have heads? I haven’t tried them.
    Brussel sprouts show up on the table at my house. Not on my plate though if I can help it. Yuck!

  3. i love Italian Food specially those juicy pastas. They are really delicious.,`:

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